Dog medicine teaches us that we must foster compassion and eliminate fear so we can identify truth and remain loyal to our true selves and our “clan.” (Unknown)

Creating art from earth has power in and of itself. Taking a ball of clay and transforming it into something that could be both beautiful and evocative is magical to me. The clay has the tactile working qualities like no other material, offering limitless possibilities aesthetically and technically. The hope for me is to bring some level of the connection I have with the work to someone else. Often times, that experience is totally independent of my own and usually provides new perspectives that I may never have imagined.

These forms or the lidded boxes require a meticulous construction process that must be followed to insure survival of the work when subjected to the firing process. This final firing is what defines the ‘personality’ of the piece in many ways by producing the rich surface patterning. There is a negligible amount of control in my process and a great deal of ‘giving over’ to what happens. The teacher in the process is non-attachment to my own expectations of the final outcome. What comes from this process at the very end is often the most inspirational and, most often, the most elusive.

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