Clay is one of those materials that needs to be felt by the hand, shaped, and formed. My process involves hand-building techniques and alternative firing methods that use no glaze. The surfaces are smooth and the coloration is the result of an atmospheric firing technique that defines each piece. When the clay is given over to the fire in this way, a certain degree of chance and unpredictably happens.

I give a general description of the firing processes I use to give each piece their own special uniqueness in the drop-down menu of the clay category. The average size of these pieces is 13″ long by 10″ high. Most all of the work here is for sale and I will ship to any location for additional shipping charges. Some work can be found on Etsy and some is in the Southern Highland Craft Gallery in Asheville, NC and the Parkway Craft Center in Blowing Rock, NC. Please feel free to contact me about individual pieces and pricing and thanks for looking!



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